456 Collectors Club

Project Launch Date: January 23, 2022

456 Collectors Club, a generative NFT collection by World Renowned artist, Zevi G, announces its Public Mint, which is set to go off on Sunday January 23rd at 4:56pm EST. The collection sets out to revolutionize the Art Community with the World’s First NFT Art Club, which rewards members with both physical and digital utility.

The 456 Collector’s Club by Zevi G is a collection of 4,560 unique algorithmically created NFTs featuring characters from Zevi G’s signature series “456 Land”. Holders become members of an exclusive Art Club and continually unlock redeemable artwork in intervals as the community grows, get access to future community events, and digital experiences.

Zevi G is a prolific and steadfast artist who uses his studio to bring unanticipated creations to life. In a world where love, unity and kindness have become a scarce commodity, Zevi is determined to make a change using his art and many compelling characters to spread this powerful message.

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