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Chumps Babies Club
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🚀 NEW Roadmap

The NEW and final roadmap is finally here!
The project is supported by 3 very important parts

🇦 ) The Community – that’s you guys! The stronger the community, the better the project!

🇧 ) The community wallet – that’s our fuel! During mint, we will be adding ETH to a community wallet that will become the property of the holders.

🇨 ) Our vision for this project! And the future execution of that vision

❗ The Plan is as following:

1️⃣ – Welcome to the Chumps Babies Club! (Q1 2022)

You have just discovered our Chumps babies, who are going to grow and overtake the metaverse once they mature. You have joined the community through Discord, Twitter or Instagram! We’re very happy to have you with us and have planned a lot of giveaways,rewards and activities for our community to get together and have fun!
As our community grows, we will reveal more details about the project, the art and the Babyverse. We will choose some lucky community members for the Whitelists and access to the pre-sales, which will give them the ability to mint first at a lower price than the public sale price!

2️⃣ – Adopt a Chumps Baby (Q2 2022)

It’s a long road from the babyverse to the metaverse.
5555 cute, bold Chumps babies just arrived in the metaverse after a long and dangerous journey.
It’s time to save more babies, join in sponsoring them and assure them a safer future.

3️⃣ – The minting process will have 2 stages:

🅰️ ) Pre-Sale (TBA)
This exclusive event is reserved for the members of our WL. In total, only 500 members will have access to this event.
The mint price for the pre-sale is set at 0.015 ETH.
The first 100 WL members are going to get their baby chump NFT FREE!

Once the WL has been fully minted, we will add the first deposit of 5 ETH to our community wallet.

🅱️ ) Public Sale (TBA + 2 )

The public sale will be launched at Opensea with a floor price of 0.035 ETH per mint.

For every 1,000 babies that have been minted, we will add 10 ETH to the community wallet! We will also airdrop 10 NFTs (one for each minted) to random holders!

Once 5,555 Babies have been minted, another 10 ETH will be added to the community wallet.

We will have 55 ETH in our community wallet once all babies are adopted 🙂
15 ETH will be donated to a charity of choice, that will be voted for at our discord meetups.

After the airdrop, giveaways and price change , we will do a large marketing campaign spreading the news!!

4 -The Big Reveal 💎

A few days after the babies will be available for the public on OpenSea, we will be revealing your Chumps Babies Artwork!! There are 55 Super special Babies – that will share their royalties with their lucky owners. Details [TBD]

you will be able to check the rarity of your Chumps Babies through various rarity tools such as Raritysniffer and Rarityranks, RankNFT ect.

Once a week, we are going to have community events on Discord (AMA)
Where we will discuss the process and future plans.

5. 500 Chumps baby Holders are going to get free mint + gas fees for our 2nd collection – the 3D collection (That is already in design)

6. Metaverse ❗

FB has more data about humanity than any other company in history, and are working
over 7 Years on the Metaverse.
Metaverse will change the way we communicate with each other, the way we work and the way we live in this crazy spinning universe of ours.

50% of the community wallet tokens will be invested in purchasing land in the metaverse sandbox and decentraland. our babies will live next to some of the biggest top fortune 100 companies that are already buying real estate there like there is no tomorrow.
We will vote for the chosen location via our Discord meetups.

We are going to host events, games and contests on our land. We look forward to involving as many community members as possible in these adventures.

More Details coming soon 😉

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