A community-driven collectibles project featuring art by Burnt Toast. Doodles come in a joyful range of colors, traits and sizes with a collection size of 10,000. Each Doodle allows its owner to vote for experiences and activations paid for by the Doodles Community Treasury.

Doodles in Space
A New Experience Launching in February 2022
Space Doodles is your first venture into the cosmos to spread joy and creativity. It’s the first, small step in unveiling our universe to collectors with dozens of spacecrafts designed by Burnt Toast.
What is your Doodle in search of? Where is it going? How many other Doodlers are near you? Your Doodle is the answer to these questions and more.
All Doodlers will be able to claim their own unique spaceship. Claiming a ship means your Doodle becomes a Space Doodle, but don’t worry it can always return safely from space and become a Doodle again.

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