Freedom Collection

Freedom Collection
Project Launch Date: December 1, 2021

This world healing collection is taking place on the blockchain all 2022. We wanted to create something that unfolds just like Nature, the soul, and the Metaverse. This collection is all about the idea of freedom in many forms & nuances. We are all still designing what freedom looks like on planet earth and what we want to express is love and creativity through custom art and original music. The utility behind our NFT’s include: receiving any of our NFT’s adds you to our Commonwealth Vibe Social Club on This entitles you to a free cannabis gift with membership. We will also be pheno-hunting on the blockchain and you will be entitled to our keeper strains from the pheno-hunts. You are supporting grassroots cannabis craft growers and humble musicians. A portion of our proceeds from our projects goes toward community events in Lynchburg Virginia. #healnownotlater #7hillzgro

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