Looking For On-Boarding Agents

Looking For On-Boarding Agents
Payment: Commission


Shill Nation is brand new NFT/Token/Services marketplace and at the same time rapidly expanding, we have a goal to be the ONLY place anyone goes to hire someone for the Crypto industry.

We want to provide our future customers with a complete step by step, white glove service for them as they get signed up for Shill Nation.

They 100% can get signed up by themselves to this website as that is not the hard part, the “hard part” is going out an finding the RIGHT projects to get listed on the site.

if you would like to Help us on-board and get the best of the best talent listed on the site.

Here is an example https://shillnation.com/listing/on-boarding-agent-shill-nation/

Please reply to this listing ❤️

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