Phytoverse, Inc. - Let Us Be Your Guide!

Phytoverse, Inc. - Let Us Be Your Guide!

Contact: Jordan Michael Askew – 214-290-3053

Phytoverse provides a wide range of consulting services for the NFT space.
We accept FIAT & Crypto, open to partnerships or profit splits, and in some cases may consider barter or an exchange.

1. We’re available to help you navigate setting up your collection on Opensea using ETH or Polygon
2. We can help you to digitize your physical artwork pieces to create 1 of 1’s or Multi Editions.
3. We can assist you in creating NFT Descriptions and show you an ideal way to style your collection metadata.
4. We can show you how to use free tools to turn your static Artwork into Video/Music enabled NFT’s.
5. We can teach you valuable tips and tricks for using those design tools to produce NFT that really stand out.
6. We can help with most levels of planning concepts or structuring questions.
7. We can work with you to form a marketing/promo plan (and show you the one thing that matters the most about content)

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